A Good Reputation is Worth More Than Money

Or, so says Publilius Syrus.

According to recently leaked (pardon the pub) documents from Google, energy giant BP went from spending around $57k per month on pay-per-click advertising to…$3.6m in June alone.

What does this tell us?

Well, it seems pay-per-click is alive and well (the documents outline some other big spenders) but also of note is just how far brands are willing to go to protect their online reputation.

What, I wonder, would Captain Hindsight have to say about all this?

It's not at all uncommon for big brands, small businesses and even individuals to fall victim to online smear campaigns and attacks from well organised campaign groups. The question is, do those brands, businesses and individuals know the new rules of online reputation management? Controlling what people say about you online is a new challenge that companies will have to face up to. Not so much by way of attempting to censor, but by being a part of the conversation and understanding how they can use digital media to earn a right to reply.

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A Good Reputation is Worth More Than Money