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Why Dog Neglect Can Be Tax Efficient

I thought I’d republish this little nugget from the K9 Magazine archives. I found it astonishing at the time and am just as disturbed by it now. The super wealthy are being advised to get a pet to relieve their

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A Few Thoughts About Pet Obesity

This is an extract from an article I wrote for K9 Magazine on a topic that evokes a lot of emotion, namely canine obesity. Why killing with kindness is STILL killing In the past few years drugs companies, TV shows

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Ryan O'Meara is the founder of Total Pet Publishing, a former professional dog trainer, current publisher of K9 Magazine, author and commentator on social issues relating to dogs and business. He is a World Animal Day ambassador and one of the co-founder's of the leading UK dog adoption website
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My name is Ryan O'Meara.

I am the publisher and editor-in-chief of K9 Magazine. I founded Total Pet Publishing, a specialist media company deciated to pets and pet owners as well as ViVo Media, a hyper-local media venture. I am a former professional dog trainer and author of three books, Clever Dog (life lessons from man's best friend), Newshounds and Amazing Dog Facts & Trivia.