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Kit Malthouse on Dangerous Dogs, Moronic Views?

I think I ought to get straight to the point and answer my own question. Are Kit Malthouse's views on how to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs moronic? Why yes. Yes they are. Kit Malthouse, writing in The Times

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Designer Dogs: What The Hell is a Pomapekeapatador?

With more and more ‘designer’ or hybrid dogs making the headlines featuring the likes of Puggles, Golden Doodles, Cockerpoos, Pome-Pekes and other elaborately titled canine crosses, it prompted us to wonder, exactly how did we arrive at Afghans, Airedales and

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K9 Magazine on BBC Working Lunch

K9 Magazine and its publisher Ryan O’Meara were profiled today on BBC 2’s ‘Working Lunch’ programme. The show focussed on the business side of running a pet related media company and offered a brief insight in to the inner workings

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Accidentally Proving There is no God

Look, I Accidentally Proved There’s No God! One of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons is the one where Homer discovers that for most of his life he’s been living with a crayon lodged in his brain. Realising this blockage

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Digital Subscribers Boost For Economist

No surprise a digital evangelist such as myself would find this quote music to the ears… "It took us 160 years to reach one million circulation, but only seven years to reach one and a half million. We now expect

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Dog Breads – What’s The Best Dog Bread?

Dog breads? Really? Dog breads? Surely you mean dog breeds Ryan? Indeed. This is somewhat of a soul cleansing process. You see, one of the more stressful elements of publishing a printed magazine vs digital is the margin for error.

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Why Dogs Are The Advertiser’s Best Friend

In his multi-million selling book, The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell discusses the role of mavens, connectors and sales people. He puts forward a case that for something to ‘tip’, meaning to get big, to become popular, to achieve mass

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Is This Cat An A**hole? I Vote Yes

Little dog, minding his own biz. Then pow, right in the kisser. Naughty cat.

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Which? Magazine Outs Dangerous Nutritionists

This is one of those topics that really grinds my gears. So-called experts happily handing out potentially fatal advice (such as delay cancer treatment by cutting out sugar). Well, please forgive me for being cynical but conventional wisdom tends to

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K9 Magazine Social Media Stats

It being the start of the year, I thought I'd comb through some data on our various web user traffic for 2011. In amongst the numbers I found the following quite interesting (well, I would wouldn't I!) Despite the fact

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