Dog Age in Human Years – 7 Year Myth


I was doing some research on the causation and prominence of cancer in wild dogs.

Data is in short supply, certainly for comparative purposes.

However I did stumble across something which I'd been meaning to do for a while.

Many readers of K9 Magazine ask us about the dog age versus human age measurement.

Popular myth is that one dog year equals seven human years. The chart on this page is actually a more accurate reflection of the age differential between dogs and humans.

Thought you might find it useful.

Courtesy of Wikipedia (where else!)

More info:

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  1. Val Mazzotta says:

    Excellent,thank you for sharing that , have always thought the 7 year thing was a myth. Can you tell me,what about cats? Their age is suppose to be 9 years to our one,is this also a myth?

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Dog Age in Human Years – 7 Year Myth