Dog Breads – What’s The Best Dog Bread?

Dog breads?

Really? Dog breads?

Surely you mean dog breeds Ryan?

Indeed. This is somewhat of a soul cleansing process.

You see, one of the more stressful elements of publishing a printed magazine vs digital is the margin for error.

What happens is this:

You have your proof reading team go through the whole publication checking for factual elements, spelling, typos etc.

Then what happens is, you get the magazine back from the printer and start randomly flicking through the pages then boom!! The very first page you turn to you notice the spelling error. No turning back.

The rare spelling error within the pages of the magazine is just about forgiveable but there's one page that you REALLY don't want to mess up…the cover.

Further, you REALLY don't want to make the most elementary, embarrassing mistake of going to press 'dog breads' on your cover when you really mean dog breeds.

But that's exactly what we did with one of the earliest editions of K9 Magazine. Dog breads.

There's just no possible way to extradite one's self from such a calamitous cock up.

The only saving grace (let's not kid ourselves here, there is NO saving grace) is the fact that more than 2,400 people in the UK alone perform searches for phrases such as 'which is the best dog bread for kids', 'list of all dog breads', 'how many dog breads are there' and lots of other variations on the dog breads theme.

I may have mentioned before why I'm a big fan of digital publishing and no, it's not exclusively due to the fact that there is a larger degree of flexibility and the opportunity to turn dated information in to current, but I'll certainly be happy to admit I don't miss the night terrors and sweats (or should that be sweets?) of scanning through a new edition only to criticise and rant about the things that went wrong.

Any way, what is the best dog bread for children?

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Dog Breads – What’s The Best Dog Bread?