It Finally Happened, Bing is Now a Better Search Engine Than Google

I can’t quite remember the day I discovered Google.

Like most (millions) of people, all I know is, I used it once, it was better and it then became my search engine of choice.

That has gradually changed.

More and more I’ve found myself not being satisfied with the Google results and have tried Bing as an alternative. The balance has actually shifted to such an extend now that I’ve made the monumental decision to set Bing as my default search engine.

Google needs to be careful about taking their eye off their main service (I say that as a shareholder). Their apparent obsession with entering the social media space that is already very well served by Twitter, Facebook and friends has not worked out well to date (Google Buzz was a real bomb).

No search engine will ever be perfect, but the gradual decline in Google’s ability to actually deliver the answers to my search query is only cause for concern by virtue of the fact that Bing actually IS delivering the goods.

So today I mark the date. April 26th, 2012 – the first time in 10 years I have switched by default search engine away from Google.
I did several Bing v Google tests and each time, Bing won by a score of 3-2.
Google, your recent algorithm updates are weakening the relevancy of your search results. Not clever. Not clever at all.

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It Finally Happened, Bing is Now a Better Search Engine Than Google