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It being the start of the year, I thought I'd comb through some data on our various web user traffic for 2011.

In amongst the numbers I found the following quite interesting (well, I would wouldn't I!)

Despite the fact that K9 Magazine is largely inactive on Facebook but very active on Twitter (59k followers and counting at time of writing) it was actually Facebook that sent (marginally) more visitors to the www.k9magazine.com website.

By far our biggest source of traffic came from Google's organic search which dwarfed that sent by either Yahoo or Bing.

I put this down to organic sharing of articles. So people who use Facebook find one of our articles interesting and then begin to share it with their friends network.

On Twitter there is more of a direct correlation. What we share gets clicked and whilst most of our shared links have an average re-tweet rate of x 4, the volume was not quite the same level as Facebook.

Interestingly, it was the people referred by Twitter who spent the most time on the site (an average of 31 seconds more – which in web browsing time is pretty big).

I would have predicted the exact opposite.

I would have suggested that we'd get more visitors from Twitter due to sheer weight of followers and our activity on that platform but they may be impulse visits, suggesting they'd spend less time on the site. But I'd have been wrong.

It will be interesting to see how Google + (K9 Magazine on Google +) takes off this year. Due to the power of marketing that the search engine giant is putting behind its Facebook/Twitter competitor it has experienced rapid growth in 2011. We've only dipped our toe very lightly in the water with Google + but I expect to see our visitor numbers from Google + challenging our Facebook and Twitter traffic by this time in 2013.

Should be noted though, I've been wrong before. Once.

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K9 Magazine Social Media Stats