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Why Dog Neglect Can Be Tax Efficient

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I thought I’d republish this little nugget from the K9 Magazine archives. I found it astonishing at the time and am just as disturbed by it now. The super wealthy are being advised to get a pet to relieve their

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Should All Dogs Be Muzzled in Public?

Here's the short answer to that question: No. Here's the slightly more detailed answer: No. Definitely not. That would be mad, bad and dangerous. And here's the downright verbose answer to that perennially posed media query… Over the past years

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What Dog Training Taught Me About Business

I once made the mistake of telling one of my most important, respected team members that I had learnt all I needed to know about running a business from my time as a professional dog trainer. She was offended. Particularly

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Print v Digital – A Sign of Things to Come?

Interesting article from The Guardian As a wholehearted fan of digital media, this news makes very interesting reading.

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Is Your Vet Ripping You Off?

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about whether vets are ‘fleecing’ their trusting, loyal customers aka you and me, ordinary dog owners. Vet Fees Rip Off (aired by Panorama in 2009) left many in little

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A Good Reputation is Worth More Than Money

Or, so says Publilius Syrus. According to recently leaked (pardon the pub) documents from Google, energy giant BP went from spending around $57k per month on pay-per-click advertising to…$3.6m in June alone. What does this tell us? Well, it seems

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Gemma Merna’s K9 Magazine Shoot

Love these pictures from Holloaks' actress Gemma Merna's photo shoot for K9 Magazine. Lots of celebs have little dogs and it can sometimes make the cover hard to design as there's often more owner than dog. So any shoot with

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Celebrity Dog Owners Appearing in K9 Magazine

At K9 Magazine we're coming toward our 50th issue. I know Tony Soprano said: "the lowest form of conversation is; remember when?" and I do tend to prefer looking forward rather than back, but I thought it'd be a good

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When is a Dog Not a Dog?

Answer: when it's (thought of as a) human. According to pet industry marketing trends, there is a 'huge growth opportunity' due to the continued humanisation of dogs. Better known as anthropomorphism, I find this to be quite a worry. In

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Dog Age in Human Years – 7 Year Myth

I was doing some research on the causation and prominence of cancer in wild dogs. Data is in short supply, certainly for comparative purposes. However I did stumble across something which I'd been meaning to do for a while. Many

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