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Miss World, Speed Limits and Religion

Not my usual talking points but enjoyable to be given the chance to discuss issues other than why dogs bite people. (5 mins in, not sure how long the programme remains online). I did a weekend round up for

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Do You Believe Dogs Can Walk on Water?

You probably didn't need convincing, but if you did….proof positive of canine divinity. And you thought dog tricks were limited to rolling over and begging for food? Pffft. How about…heal the sick, walk on water and they even do a

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An Early Lesson on Animal Abuse

Don't hit animals – particularly, kitties. S'bad, mmmkay?

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Over Training a Puppy – Should I Have Said Something?

I'm not one of those people who can walk up to someone and hand out advice. It's perhaps a by-product of my treat people how you like to be treated approach to life. Translated, that means I don't like people

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For Some Dogs, A Small Grunt is Reward Enough

I was writing an article recently for K9 Magazine, about how to stop dogs begging for food and why treat training (where the owner uses a food treat to 'bribe' the dog in to good behaviour all the time) can

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Anatomy of a Dog Attack by Ryan O’Meara

Since I wrote this article it's been re-published more than 600 times. I wrote it to try and give a dog's sense of perspective – but not to excuse – in a hypothetical situation. To try and give some background

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Why Bans Don’t Work

I have the BBC news website set as my homepage. Like most people, I'd imagine, I'm drawn to the articles that are displayed in the 'Most Popular' list. So today I noticed – and bear in mind today is the

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A Few Thoughts About Pet Obesity


This is an extract from an article I wrote for K9 Magazine on a topic that evokes a lot of emotion, namely canine obesity. Why killing with kindness is STILL killing In the past few years drugs companies, TV shows

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About The Blog

On my blog I will publish a random stream of conciousness, personal opinion and some extracts and full articles from some of my favourite articles from K9 Magazine and other outlets. I’ll also publish some of the stuff from my

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