Political Position on Bad Dog Breeding (Who Cares?)

This is taken from the recent Parliamentary Animal Welfare group update in to the state of pedigree dog breeding in the UK. (read more here).

In 2009, there were a number of MPs and Members of the House of Lords who were involved in discussions around dog breeding and demonstrated support for suggested measures that may involve Government action.

The General Election changed the political landscape and  whilst we have some idea of those who are still interested in the issue, research has revealed that many politicians do not know much about it and do not regard it as a serious problem.  However, there remains political interest around dangerous dogs and the suggestions of  compulsory micro-chipping and a registration system.

My emphasis.

May I put forward a slice of personal opinion?

The irresponsible breeding of dogs is the source at which all problems are created.

Who breeds ‘dangerous’ dogs?

Good, responsible breeders?

May I add, it’s my view that the unethical breeding of dogs has lead to the modern animal welfare scandal of our generation. That being, dogs bred, purposely, with deformities and health problems that condemn them to a life of misery, pain and suffering in the name of what? Aesthetic adherence to some fantasy of what a dog is ‘supposed’ to look like? Come on, please. It’s not like a handful of dogs either. Not that it would excuse it if it were. No, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of dogs bred with inherited health problems as a result of wilful ignorance and our politicians are, simply, not interested.

Our elected officials will happily talk about the issue of dangerous dogs but can’t make the link between irresponsible breeding/supply? What are they, stupid?

No need to answer that. Just no need.

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Political Position on Bad Dog Breeding (Who Cares?)